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Company profile

TAL Engineering has been shaping up the contemporary Bulgarian environment since 1998 by developing modern solutions for customized building structures and building shells. Working along renowned architects and international investors we have introduced the new architectural landmarks of the country – the most advanced sport facilities, e.g. Arena Armeec and the stadiums of the leading football clubs, the biggest golf and country clubs, the major shopping malls and business centers, office buildings, e.g. the EU and European Commission House, major stores and showrooms of leading international retailers.

We go all the way together

Our in-house services comprise early consulting & planning, technical research & development, design & engineering, project management, performance testing, aluminum, PVC and steel production, logistics, installation and after-sales service.

What we promise, we deliver

With a state-of-the-art production facility, advanced software solutions and a team of over 250 experienced designers, technicians, production and assembly personnel we set high standards of planning, production and timely execution.

You can have it all

We know that our clients expect the highest comfort levels and optimum interior solutions along with low operating and maintenance costs. Therefore, our products are conceived and designed to meet the highest architectural demands, yet at the same time to be economical and energy efficient.

International outreach

Being an ultimate leader on the local market is not enough. In the last eight years TAL Engineering has been recognized as a preferred supplier operating in line with EU and global standards, adding value to numerous projects in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Spain and UK. And today we go further, exporting to key destinations like the United States, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

Why TAL Engineering?

•    Reliable partner that can deliver on your ideas and needs for the design and the realization of aluminum, PVC and steel constructions.
•    Technological and production capacity to execute projects of different sizes and complexity.
•    250 professionals with high qualification and knowledge to bring your ideas to life.
•    Precise and in-time execution of all projects, guaranteed by our team of designers, technicians, production and assembly specialists.
•    Own production base and established partnerships with leading
international manufacturers and suppliers.
•    Successfully executed projects in Europe, North America and Asia.
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