The production facilities of TAL Engineering in Sofia have a capacity of 80,000 square meters of high quality facades, joinery and various products. We have state-of-the-art technical equipment and high performance machines that are managed with the help of high‑quality software solutions. The combination of modern technology, certified materials and trained professionals guarantee the quality, safety and strict compliance of European regulations and world standards in the work of TAL Engineering.

Powder painting is the most suitable method for painting and protecting metal products. This method ensures reliable anti-corrosion protection of metal surfaces under different operating conditions, as well as a good coating layer for complicated configuration details.

The powder coating machine ensures efficient application and fast color change. The technology can be used in a variety of layouts to meet the needs of each project.


The AF 500 is a highly dynamic CNC machine with five axes. Machining lengths of 7.3 m and excess lengths in two stages, three-sided processing, and end-of-profile machining enable the fabrication of window, door and façade systems.


SchüCam software – flexibility and efficient. There is an easy-to-view, ergonomic control panel with 19” screen colour display for easy operation and control. The processing data for the Schüco AF 500 can be generated directly in SchüCal and then transferred by USB or via a network. The control software SchüCam can also be used on a PC in the office, in order to use clear 3-D vosualisation to carry out a check of the profiles, the tools and the processes before real processing begins.The control software uses optimisation algorithms that automatically calculate the most effective processing sequence.

The Schüco AF 500 is suitable for fabrication of aluminium and steel profiles with larger cross sections, whilst cutting at the same time. The absolute position measuring systems of the CNC axes save precious work time, as the axes no longer need to be referenced. Clamps which can be operated individually, and which also permit simultaneous processing in groups, also reduce the set-up and fabrication time enormously.

The new Schüco CC 400 corner-crimping machine simplifies the production of aluminium frames. The four-head corner-crimping machine serves to simultaneously stamp all four corners of an aluminium frame. This saves time and reduces costs, and additionally ensures the highest quality. The entire installation is designed to save space. For example, the Schüco CC 400 can be assembled in a corner directly in a fabrication line. A special table for the assembly of the frame is no longer required.

Applying gaskets: The gasket must be precisely cut (not too short or too long). The corners are degreased and glued together.

The installation of ironmongery is one of the important processes in the production of joinery. In order for it to work properly, each element must be precisely adjusted and mounted exactly to the other elements.

Structural frame: It is placed for easier hydro and steam insulation of the frame after installation.

Cutting a glazing bead: The glazing bead is placed to press the glazing into the window frame.

The packaging of finished products is an important part for easier transportation to the site, as well as for the preservation of finished products from defects.

We offer design, production and installation of aluminium joinery system, curtain wall and element façades.

The façade can have the highest requirements for energy efficiency and sound insulation.

Processing and installation of sheet material, etalbond and HPL.

TAL Engineering has a production base of over 2000 m².

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