Interview with arch. еng. Klimentin Chernev – “Young professionals must understand the “language” of architects and engineers”

TAL Engineering had the pleasure to interview arch. еng. Klimentin Chernev, managing director of Alukönigstahl Bulgaria.

TAL Engineering: In your opinion, is there a need for the façade to become an independent part of the investment project, alongside other specialties? Why or why not?

Arch. еng. Klimentin Chernev: Glazed façade constructions are an important element for buildings from an architectural, aesthetic and constructive point of view. The competence of architects in Bulgaria in terms of façade engineering is still not at the optimal level and often in the architectural part of investment projects many mistakes, inconsistencies and unresolved problems are allowed, which are a prerequisite for poor quality of the end product. I believe that there should be changes in the Spatial Development Act to put in place and regulate at least the minimum requirements for glazed façade structures.

TE: The partnership between Alukönigstahl and TAL Engineering helps implement debut products for our market. Do you think that our joint work leads to innovations for the industry in Bulgaria?

KC: Leading manufacturers in each industry stand out from the competition through the continuous development and implementation of innovative products and technologies, ensuring their technological advantage. Through its long-term partnership with proven world leaders in our industry – SCHÜCO and JANSEN, Alukönigstahl regularly offers innovative products on the market. For the successful implementation of such, however, we need a reliable partner – a contractor, which for us is and I hope will remains TAL Engineering. During the years of joint cooperation in Bulgaria we managed to realize together a number of private and public buildings with technological innovations used for the first time in our country. This joint collaboration undoubtedly radiates positive impulses to the entire construction sector, which indirectly raises its level.

TE: Observing the trends abroad, do you believe that facade engineering in Bulgaria is approaching the world standard? What do we need to do to match that standard?

KC: Contemporary Bulgarian architecture in terms of design is successfully reaching world class. In recent years, more and more Bulgarian fellow architects have been nominated and awarded in a number of architectural competitions around the world. Growing number of Bulgarian projects are presented on the pages of authoritative architectural magazines. In modern architecture, one of the main parts is the facade, so we are certainly approaching the world standard. Moreover, as architecture changes through the integration of new materials, technologies and processes, so companies that put facade engineering in the focus of their work  must constantly invest in machines, software, ERP systems, training and quality professionals that provide them with technological advantage.

TE: What are your favorite joint projects with TAL Engineering and why?

KC: Over the last twenty years of partnership, we have implemented many projects that shape the modern urban environment of Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and other cities in Bulgaria and abroad. Their number is significant, many of them I could give as an example of great work and collaboration, but in fear of missing someone, I would refrain from quoting names.

In addition, for me every successfully completed project leaves a sentimental mark in my heart. For your readers I could say that many jointly realized buildings can be seen on the websites of our two companies – and

TE: You are one of the most skilled specialists and a leader in the facade engineering in Bulgaria. What advice would you give to young professionals in this field, which is gaining popularity as an autonomous industry?

KC: I advise all young professionals dealing with this challenging subject to devote enough time to research, self-training and training conducted by leading international companies in the industry. They need to learn and understand the “language” of both architects and engineers so that the outcome of their work is uncompromising.

TE: What do you hope we could achieve together in 2021?

KC: In recent years, your company has formed itself as the largest engineering company in the industry. You have a seriously developed hierarchical structure of specialists. Alukönigstahl’s services are also diverse and in different areas, so I wish an even deeper and more effective interaction between the departments of the two companies in each area, which is guaranteed to lead us to success in the future.

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