Interview with arch. Georgi Katov about building Boyana 49

TAL Engineering had the pleasure to interview arch. Georgi Katov from I/O architects.

TAL Engineering: Arch. Katov, your buildings have a recognizable design. What message are you trying to convey with your buildings and do you think that you have achieved it with the Boyana 49 project?

Arch. Georgi Katov: In different buildings the messages are different and individual. The main object for the building in Boyana was the creation of a large building, which would not oppose its natural environment, but would  rather benefit the most from it. I think we have achieved it.

TE: Often the minimalist look of a façade is difficult to achieve due to the installation technology. What creative process does your architectural idea go through in order to reach a technically feasible option that leads to the desired end effect?

GK: It is very important in this case to work together and create a dialogue with the contractors to find the best feasible solution.

TE: Can it be said that façades are subject to trends? If so, what are they and how does your studio express them?

GK: We try not to follow trends, but to be find individual approach for each project. If we do notice a trend, we rather avoid it!

TE: What do you think the architectural environment in Sofia needs? And in Bulgaria?

GK: In Bulgaria we need more quality original architecture as well as people who are looking for it and people who are offering it.

TE: One of our favorite projects that still impresses our followers is Observation House. What are your favorite collaborative projects with TAL Engineering?

GK: Every one that we are working on currently!

Photography: Assen Emilov


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