Interview with arch. Radomir Serafimov about the future of architecture and our new joint project – building Nova TV

TAL Engineering had the pleasure to interview arch. Radomir Serafimov, Studio Director of “Atelier Serafimov Architects”.

TAL Engineering: Many people perceive architecture only as drawings. What is it for you?

Arch. Radomir Serafimov: Architecture is everything that surrounds us in everyday life – landscape, buildings, facilities, environment… Each new project for us is different from the previous one, be it a residential, public or industrial building, interior design, public square or park environment. The boundless variety of issues, analysis, public and economic interest in the wide range of our projects make our profession a real inspiration and pleasure for us, and last but not least satisfaction from a job well done.

TE: What are the main principles that guide you in the implementation of a project?

RS: For me, architecture, above all, needs to serve society, not the Architect. And in this sense, our profession is one of the most humane. I believe that in realizing his idea, the architect should not look for a short-term phenomenon, fashion or sensation, rather to create a convincing work that will carry its message long-term in the urban silhouette and the surrounding landscape, and to cultivate the perception of  future aesthetics. . What we are looking for in our work is the “Human scale” – the commensurability of human perception of interior and exterior space, so that аrchitecture does not dominate, but has a positive impact on both occupants and bystanders. We look for and analyze how the project would affect the occupants of the building, how the space outside the volume of the building contacts and overflows with the space inside. When creating the appearance and shaping of the building, it is necessary to take into account the surrounding space. Here the role of the architect is to suppress his ego and desire for personal expression,  realized in bold, curious and extravagant decisions of the façade and to create a balanced and confidently placed architectural structure in which to show an intelligent approach and respect for the context of the environment.


TE: Tell us about the façade of our latest joint project – building NOVA TV.

RS: The new building of Nova Broadcasting Group – an extremely complex in terms of  functionality and installation project. The specific location of the property – main street, part of an industrial and business area. The project is characterized by a simplified volume, in which the proportions and plasticity of the façade are of major importance. For this purpose, a specific division has been created by means of sun protection elements of the façade in height. The first two floors of the building are separated as a base from the others and the volume ends with a light openwork façade united in the general silhouette with a pavilion style. The entrance from Nedelcho Bonchev Street is shaped like a “portal”, sinking into the volume of the building through two floors.

The façade grid is sought to provide optimal daylight by helping the rooms maintain their energy balance. The plasticity of the façade forms “niches” in which the windows are located.

Our intention is to achieve a façade with a distinctive, memorable character, through which the building to become recognizable and to become an individual emblem for the Nova Broadcasting Group.

TE: In 2020, due to unavoidable circumstances, all areas that could afford to work from home did so, leaving many offices empty. How do you think this trend will affect office buildings and spaces in 2021?

RS: The world pandemic has posed fundamental questions to humanity and changed values ​​by shifting the focus of our goals! The quarantine forced society to think introvertedly of the family and home. When people lost the freedom to travel and go out, they began to rethink their homes, which became a place for work, study and rest. These processes are expected to continue while the attitude towards housing as a “place to sleep” will change and in the long run this will have a significant impact on the development of the industry. On the other hand, we are rethinking already and designing public buildings according to the necessary measures for work in emergency situations. A large part of the existing buildings will have to be rebuilt or adapted. New hospitals and medical facilities together with the restoration of respect for the most humane profession – medical workers. The pandemic forced companies to reorganize work in “home office” to optimal extremes, and this led to the manifestation of all the shortcomings associated with such type of work organization. Therefore we believe that companies will quickly reorient to the conventional way of working in office spaces once the pandemic is over.

TE: One of our favorite projects, which still impresses our followers 4 years after its completion, is the building of Biovet in Peshtera. What are your favorite joint projects with TAL Engineering?

RS: The architectural and façade decision of the administrative building of Biovet AD is influenced both by the specifics of the production process and by our desire to create an emblematic building not only for the company, but also for the city.

As an example of good collaboration with Tal Engineering I will point out the Head Office of Alpha Bank in Sofia, executed in an excellent symbiosis between designer and contractor. The project for Alpha Bank building was an extremely complex task both of a functional nature and due to the fact that it had to be realized in a familiar, already built and functioning urban environment. 

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