Leader’s Academy 2021

On March 17, 2021 TAL Engineering participated in another year of Leaders Academy, season 5.2. The main topic for the students was “The difference in educational and real design”, presented by dipl. eng. Orlin Kolev – Chief Designer at TAL Engineering.

“Over the years we are the company that has taken over the most challenging sites in Bulgaria and currently we are the largest partner of all the leaders in the facade business,” said by dipl. eng. Orlin Kolev.

The lecturer used several basic indicators, measurable in the field of design, which served as examples of the differences between real and educational design. One of them was the scale of the assignment. The lecturer and the participants came to the conclusion that the assignments received at the university are short, clear and the task is reduced to a given, and a solution. However, in the actual design, the task is not always well formulated, it is possible to change in the process of work, it is often necessary to further study and gather information from several different sources. Dipl. eng. Kolev emphasized that a lot of communication is needed, both between the departments within the company and between the contractor and the investor, just to prepare the assignment.

At the end of the lecture, the young specialists were given an interesting task. They had to put together a 3D puzzle of a house for a time limit. Contrary to expectations, the team that did not follow the instructions did best. But the most important conclusion from the interesting task was that the house was made by someone who designed it without checking what should actually be accomplished.

As a final piece of advice to his future colleagues, dipl. eng. Kolev shared that a person should be curious enough while he is in his most active age to achieve real results and progress.

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