Location: Bourgas, Bulgaria
Type: ,


“ETEM“ – aluminum windows
“ETEM“ – curtain wall


First Award for Bulgarian Architecture in 2007 of European architectural awards GOLDEN VIZAR in category project and Realizations

Panorama Apartments in Burgas is a residential area with high density of construction. Its system of horizontal strips with reflective screens allows passersby to peek over the trees and see the view of the sea, and the tilt of the screens is different as to always have at least one reflecting the sea, regardless of the position of the observer. When observing from afar, a secondary camouflage effect of the facade appears, blurring the large-scale and solid set in civil buildings.

Panorama Apartments

Vizar Awards (2007)

VIZAR are European awards for Bulgarian architecture, established with the support of the European Cultural Parliament.

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