Successfully completed building – Building 15 – Business Park Sofia

” Building 15, which is located in the Business Park in Mladost, is one of the most beautiful new buildings in the complex. The conceptual vision of AandA Architects was recreated and realized in detail thanks to work, experience, diligence and, last but not least, the teamwork between colleagues and departments in TAL Engineering.

During the implementation of this project, we introduced new tools and techniques that helped us to improve the style, quality and speed of work. The information on this project was accessible to all participants thanks to the collection of a single virtual server. We were conducting a weekly internal surgery, which we called the “Technical Board”. On this board, we met and decided on time, the challenges and the difficulties of implementation. We agreed and approved details and technical questions.

The implementation of Building 15’s façade served the wishes of the architect and investor of the project. The new knowledge and experience gained during this project gave us confidence and strengthened our position in the industry. We continue to progress! ”

– eng. Viktor Stoyanov

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