Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Building Infinity Park (2022)

Building Infinity Park won the Special Award in the Building of the Year competition in Residential Buildings over 10000 sq.m. category.

Infinity Park is a residential building in Sofia, located in an interesting property facing the dynamic boulevard Gen. Danail Nikolaev and the peaceful Zaimov Park. Exactly the location of the property and the proximity to the park are the basis of the architectural concept of the building. The idea is to create a contemporary residential building with clean and elegant geometric forms. The design of each of the facades is a function of the environment to which it is directed. This way we create a building that has no back, but two faces. The living spaces are positioned on the southern facade and are glazed in their entire width with showcases, in front of which there are loggia again with glass railings. This is how we achieve the infinite effect we are looking for of the view through the park and the mountain.

In contrast with that, the northern facade, which borders the boulevard, is maximally dense and free from plastics. The ascetic line of the facade is delicately enriched with pixel-sized, large panels made out of aluminum composite up to 7 meters in a few shades of gray.

The high-tech, suspended ventilated facade of aluminum composite panels covers the whole building and works in sync with the glass, the second major material in the facade.

Aluminum and glass, only two materials in the facade, allowing us to achieve a contemporary design with purity of the form, precision of the completion and maximum durability.

Architecture: STARH

Infinity Park

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