Management Statement for the management policy of quality, environment, health and safety at work

26.11.2018 г.


The management of TAL ENGINEERING Ltd. has defined and documented this Policy, containing the main objectives, guidelines and obligations of the company related to the management and quality of products, ensuring healthy and safe working conditions and environmental protection in carrying out activities within the scope of IMS – design, manufacture and installation of aluminum, PVC and steel structures, suspended, element and ventilated facades with cladding of different materials, aluminum and PVC windows, glazing, powder coating.


TAL ENGINEERING Ltd.  strives to carry out its main activity in accordance with the legal, client and other requirements adopted in the organization, and when it is practically and financially justified, to exceed them.

TAL ENGINEERING Ltd. maintains and develops the implemented integrated management system according to the requirements of the international standards EN ISO 9001: 2015, EN ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 in all its activities and units, in order to increase the efficiency and quality of work in insured healthy and safe working conditions and environmental protection.


I declare that:

The main goal of TAL ENGINEERING Ltd. is continuous improvement of all aspects of the activity – to produce and offer high quality products that meet the highest criteria that our customers can have and to continuously improve performance in terms of working conditions and the environment. .

The specific objectives for each year are described in an IMS Improvement Program adopted at the beginning of each calendar year.

The main directions of our policy are:

  • To fulfill all applicable requirements of the standards EN ISO 9001: 2015, EN ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 through the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of an integrated management system.
  • To maintain the trust of stakeholders by increasingly comprehensively, professionally and responsibly meeting their needs and expectations.
  • To provide the relevant after-sales services, including after-sales and warranty service and their service / maintenance and repair /.


Health, safety and environmental performance are considered a common goal of management and employees at all organizational levels. Therefore, the management takes care of:


  • Providing and maintain an ecological, safe and healthy working environment;
  • Ensuring the safety of staff and visitors at all permanent and mobile workplaces and to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses;
  • Providing sufficient information, instructions, training and monitoring to ensure that all workers are fully aware of the danger in their work and their responsibilities, to perform their work safely at all times;
  • Providing the necessary means for safety, protective equipment and control their use;
  • Maintaining and continuously improve all aspects of ecology and safety, by creating and monitoring compliance with the adopted rules;
  • Advising employees on issues related to the environment, safety, health and workplaces;
  • Providing such communication standards that encourage the involvement of employees or their representatives in the development and implementation of effective measures to ensure their safety and health at work, this policy and the goals of TAL ENGINEERING Ltd.;
  • Ensuring that occupational safety and health and the environment are important factors in the supplier selection process;
  • Communicating appropriate information related to environmental protection, safety and health, as well as the quality of manufactured products, with all employees.

The company’s staff has an obligation to fully cooperate in the implementation of this Policy, such as:

  • To wrk safely, efficiently and environmentally, in compliance with certain rules, provided information and training, in accordance with company procedures and legal obligations;
  • To immediately report incidents and situations that could lead to damage, injury or adverse effects on the environment;
  • To participate in consulting or through employee representatives on all issues related to the provision of BDA;
  • To participate in the investigation of incidents and adverse events and in the implementation of measures to prevent them.

Policy implementation:

  • The managers of the company are responsible for the continuous provision of strategic management and ensuring the safety, health and well-being of the staff.
  • The IMS Coordinator provides advice on the overall implementation of the policy, with a view to achieving safety, health, environmental performance and quality.
  • The heads of units are responsible for maintaining the management system, for ensuring the operation of the necessary processes and for continuous improvement.
  • The heads of units are responsible for the implementation and application of the systematic management of safety, environmental performance and quality in their areas of activity, and are responsible for the results to the managers.
  • This policy will be reviewed in the event of a change in legislation, due to organizational changes, or due to other circumstances, at least once a year.
  • The policy is provided to the entire staff of the company, as well as other stakeholders through information boards and modern means of communication. The policy is included in the familiarization documents for the initial training of new staff.
  • The company holds managers at all levels responsible for the BDA according to their perimeter of activity, while emphasizing the immediate responsibility of each employee, subcontractor and visitor to comply with safe work procedures.


We declare our personal participation in the formation and implementation of the Management Policy of our company.

City of Sofia


Andon Tushev

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