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    Building of the Year 2021

    Interview with arch. Georgi Katov about building Boyana 49

    Building B73 published in Arch Daily

    Interview with arch. Svetoslav Stanislavov on the importance of façade and the bold design of building B73

    Leader’s Academy 2021

    Building Boyana 49 published in Arch Daily

    Interview with arch. Radomir Serafimov about the future of architecture and our new joint project – building Nova TV

    TAL Engineering Our Year 2020

    Interview with arch. еng. Klimentin Chernev – “Young professionals must understand the “language” of architects and engineers”

    Building of the Year 2020

    Building BG Agro published in Arch Daily

    Interview with architect Angel Zahariev – building Capital Fort 5 years later

    Leader’s Academy 2019

    Bauma 2019 Munich

    Richhill Business Center

    CEIBG аwards – TAL Engineering won for Innovation

    Successfully completed building – Building 15 – Business Park Sofia

    New corporate identity for TAL Engineering

    Science Center for Children “Muzeiko” opens its doors today