Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

A boutique building situated in Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd. in the immediate proximity of metro station Druzhba. The aspiration in the design is the creation of a practical, comfortable and at the same time impressive building which will provide comfort and warmth in the working environment.

The main idea of the design and the realization of the building is the understanding of the Designer and the Investor that the office building is not manufacture but a place to love and a place to feel happy in.
Principles of sustainable development and green architecture including a highly efficient system of air conditioning, natural ventilation of the volumes by windows that can be opened, maximal use of natural lighting, enhanced heating technical characteristics of the thick and glazed parts of the façades, richly landscaped interior and exterior and permanent care for the comfort of the occupants of the building were applied in the design and the execution of the building.

Architectre: Arch. Vesela Mantova

Systems Used:

Aluminium systems for doors and windows
Curtain wall system
Façade Cladding with ceramic tiles
Façade cladding with aluminium composite panels
Railing from stainless steel and glass

Business Center EIJ

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