Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Reconstruction of the building includes activities that improve architecture and its energy efficiency and provide additional services to staff and guests (shops, conference halls, museum, travel agency and other adjoining facilities):

  • Building a new suspended façade on the high 14-storey and the low 7-storey building. The architecture of the reconstructed façade is stylishly suited and is in line with the modern trends in office buildings. The contractor of the project is TAL “Engineering” Ltd., which is the leading company in this branch. The new suspended façade has openable and non-opening elements, which, combined with the vertical decorative elements and “etalbond” visors, give the building the appearance of a modern business building with a feeling of comfort and a pleasant working environment. During its construction, glasses with excellent light penetration, thermal and sound insulation properties were used, aluminum profile system with interrupted thermal insulation and thermal insulation from non-combustible thermal insulation wool.
  • Thermal insulation and repair of the façade of the low 6-storey building.
    The façade of the low body is fully in line with the vision of the other two bodies and fits aesthetically in the architecture and vision of the neighboring buildings located on Paris Street. From the east it is lined with “etalbond” and the rest is decorated with a decorative mineral plaster.
Corporate Building COOP

Building of the year (2018)

"Corporate Building COOP" was awarded with the special prize "Building of the Year 2018"

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