Location: Burgas, Bulgaria


Atlantis / Atmosphere Residential Building won a Special Award in the RESIDENTIAL COMPLEXES OF MULTI-FAMILY BUILDINGS category in the annual Building of the Year competition.

ATLANTIS / ATMOSPHERE is a residential complex with a focus on healthy living environment, sustainable architecture and connection with nature.

The buildings are oriented perpendicular to the southern coast, creating compositions of eastern and western exposures and a southern sunny garden. The shaping is predetermined by the desire for elegance of the vision, as the outer corners of the building are beveled, which achieves the dynamics of the façade.

The façades are decorated in white – a symbol of the sea and wood – symbolizing comfort and harmony at home. The roof and façade installations preserve the clean three-dimensional vision, further ensuring peace and comfort, completing the concept of better living conditions.

Architecture: Spacemode Studio – arch. Asen Ignatov, arch. Militsa Petrova

Residential Building ATLANTIS/ATMOSPHERE

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