Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Residential building on Street Ivan Vazov 7 (2020)

Residential building on Street Ivan Vazov 7 won the Grand Prize in the RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS category in the annual Building of the Year competition.

The single-family house project on Ivan Vazov Street in Sofia included restoration and reconstruction.

The building is residential with a small representative office. To ensure a gradual transition from the public space of the street to the intimate of the home, the entrance is located laterally in a passage leading to the yard. For the same reason, the three outer façades – the one facing the street and the two side ones – play the role of a dense envelope – a boundary between outside and inside. It is on them with the help of a sculptor that the project decorative ornaments are restored.

The back façade to the courtyard, on the other hand, is more of a connection than a barrier. Its role is to unite the interior of the house with that of the yard, turning the garden into an interior. This facade consists of full glazing and a duplicate sun protection screen of decorative metal panels. Part of the panels also run along the roof, where the two systems – the existing ornamented façade and the new openwork raster overlap. The rectangular raster on the rear façade is also printed on the yard, this time vertically.

Architecture: TTHR AEDES Studio

Residential building Ivan Vazov 7

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