Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
“SCHÜCO”- aluminum windows – 2.700 m²
“SCHÜCO” – curtain wall with silicon joint – 1.820 m² 
“SCHÜCO” – curtain wall – 3.950 m² 
Façade cladding with aluminum composite panels ETALBOND 
Façade tiling with ceramic tiles CREATON – 4.800 m² 
WAREMA external lamella shutters 

Building Number 8 in the Business Park Sofia is its biggest, with a comb-like shape and three separate units. It stands out with simplicity and originality, and the leading theme in its architectural image is the aesthetic approach to its large forms and juxtaposition to the surrounding buildings.

Building 8 at Business Park Sofia

Building of the Year (2007)

Nomination - Public Buildings with Business Functions

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