Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
“SCHÜCO”- aluminum window system –  ROYAL S 65
“SCHÜCO” – curtain wall with silicon joint  – 1.400 m²
“SCHÜCO” – curtain wall – 470 m²
WAREMA external lamella shutters
Façade cladding with aluminum composite panels ETALBOND
Façade tiling with ceramic tiles CREATON

The project for the multi-functional buildings Number 7 and Number 9 aims to collate the two buildings and their surrounding areas with the recreational zone in the central part of Sofia Business Park, while shaping up attractive and unusual architectural spaces. The façade of Building Number 7 is a direct consequence of the concept of building architectural spaces - the building is designed as a counterpoint to the clear-cut, horizontal outlines of the surrounding buildings. Building Number 9 is a new gateway to Business Park Sofia to the west due to the fast development of the complex and its spreading in the south into Sofia Park. Its outline follows the shapes of the Vitosha Mountain with its two-sided, tilted roof elements.

Building 9 at Business Park Sofia

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