Location: Varna, Bulgaria

Building of the Year – Corporate Buildings (2019)

Corporate Building BG AGRO won 1st award for Corporate Building in the annual Building of the Year competition.

Corporate building of BG AGRO is situated in a corner property in the city of Varna. The concept of the building is to be a home of business, which is why the ascending direction of success is coded in the white elements of the facade, made of Krion – an innovative material representing acrylic stone.

The spatial solution is the result of an analysis of the environment in which the building is situated. The oval and elegant structure fits the new building into the space-constrained central urban space and creates a memorable architectural image.

Architecture: STARH
Photography: Dian Stanchev

Systems Used:
Schüco, Krion

Aluminium systems for doors and windows
Curtain wall system
Façade cladding with Krion
Glass railings


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