Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Building NOVA TV (2022)

Building NOVA TV won the Building of the Year award in the Office and Corporate Buildings category.

The new building of NOVA BROADCASTING GROUP is on 7 floors with a basement and is located on about  10 000 square meters. As it was not possible for the four studios to be separate buildings, they were designed on 3,000 square meters one above the other – with service rooms such as installation, hardware, audio booths and others.

The building has a simple volume, in which the plasticity and the proportions of the façade, achieved through specific elements with a triangular shape, are important. The first two floors, which sink inwards, serve as a base, and the silhouette in height ends with openwork façade elements.

The two floors sinking inwards form a space in which a large screen measuring 24 by 7 meters is positioned, which will become an emblem of the entrance.



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